Hertfordshire, England
2 April 1911

Watford Urban, Hertfordshire (1901)
Name Rel Marr Age Sex Occupation Place of Birth
Whitfield, George Sydney Head Married 50 M Manufacturer Photographic dry plates & paper Kensington, London
Whitfield, Harriet Charlotte Wife Married 49 F
Maidenhead, Berkshire
Whitfield, Harriet Dorothy Daughter Single 22 F
Uxbridge, Middlesex
Whitfield, Sydney Philip Son Single 20 M Student New Busheyy Watford, Middlesex
Gosnell, Enid Mary Niece Single
21 F
Hobart, Tasmania
Gosnell, Wilfrid Bertram Nephew Single
16 M
Adelaide, Australia
Limsone, Emily Servant Widow 57 F Cook
High Garrett, Essex
Horwood, Lizzie Servant Single 30 F Parlor Maid
Watford, Hertfordshire
Horwood, Ethel Servant Single 24 F Housemaid Watford, Hertfordshire
Wells, Beatrice Servant Single 18 F Kitchen Maid Watford, Hertfordshire

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