The Frend Family

Albert Frend

Title: Captain

Birth: 2 August 1784, at Bridestream, Kilcock, County Kildare, Ireland

Father: Richard Frend

Mother: Eleanor Sampson

Married: Ellen Last on 14 August 1820 in Saint Julian, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

Children: Death: 12 February 1833, in Bellary, Madras Presidency, India

Notes: Served in the 55th (the Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot

Hugh Casement notes that "Hester was the 5th child, but the first to be conceived in wedlock! There must have been some serious impediment to her parents marrying earlier."


Hester Few (Frend) Carpendale

Birth: 25 January 1823, in Cape Town, Cape Province (now South Africa)

Father: Albert Frend

Mother: Ellen (Last) Frend

Married: Thomas Carpendale on 10 October 1842, in Madras, India

Children: Death: 14 February 1844, in Madras, India

Buried: 17 February 1844, in the cathedral in Madras, India

Notes: Hester's middle name is variously given as Fain, Fea, Few, Tew and even Low. I have used Few which is the variant used by Kathleen Carpendale in her journal.

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