The Oliver Family

Clarice Oliver

Birth: 1910, in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Father: Henry Nuson Oliver

Mother: Elsie Maud (Hartrick) Oliver

Clarice is found on the electoral rolls in the following divisions:
1931: Clifton Hill, Victoria (p57 #3362)
1936: Clifton Hill, Victoria (p59 #3503)

Death: 1995, aged 85


Henry Nuson Oliver

Birth: 6 April 1882, in St Marys, Tasmania

Baptism: 22 July 1883, at "Balaclava", St Marys, Tasmania
Balaclava was the dairy farm in St Marys owned by George William Oliver

Father: George William Oliver

Mother: Rose (Newman) Oliver

Henry Nuson Oliver and Elsie Maud Hartrick Wedding
Wedding photo of Henry Nuson Oliver and Elsie Maud Hartrick
photo from Dianne Gething
Married: Elsie Maud Hartrick on 24 July 1907 in St Stephen, Anderson's Creek (a.k.a. Warrandyte), Victoria, Australia. I love that the gift of the mother of the bride to the newlyweds was a cow!
Evelyn Observer (Victoria) 2 August 1907 p5
  Our Warrandyte correspondent writes:

  One of the largest weddings ever celebrated here took place at St. Stephen's Church of England on Wednesday, July 24th, the contracting parties being Mr. Harry Oliver and Miss E. Hartrick, second oldest daughter of Mr. A. Hartrick. The ceremony was most impressively performed by the Rev. Mr. Raymond. The church was very prettily decorated with arches of wattle blossoms and a beautiful wedding bell was hung close to the altar, over the bride. The bride was given away by her father, and wore a very handsome dress of cream silk and a beautiful wreath and veil with orange blossoms. The bridesmaid, Miss L. Speers (cousin of the bride), was attired in a beautiful dress of cream silk. The Misses Hartrick (sisters of the bride) were prettily dressed in silk. Mr. Arthur Speers (cousin of the bride) acted as best man.
  After the ceremony, at which close on four hundred persons were present, the guests drove to the local Hall, and were received by Mr and Mrs A. Hartrick. The Hall was very artistically decorated with wattle blossoms and artificial flowers. Down the centre of the Hall were tables, magnificently laid out, and about 70 people sat down to the breakfast.
  The Rev. Mr Raymond proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, and the bridegroom suitably responded. Dr. Adam, of Lilydale, proposed the health of the bridesmaids, which was responded to by the best man. Mr H. White, of Doncaster, proposed the health of the host and hostess, and Mr A. Hartrick responded.
  In the evening a most enjoyable time was spent, the hall being crowded. Singing, dancing, and other amusements were kept up till the early morning, everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.
  The bride and bridegroom left before 9 o'clock for the City, and departed amidst cheers and showers of rice.
  List of presents:—
Mrs Watkins (grandmother of bride)—Coffee jug and tray
 ,, Watkins (aunt of bride)—Jug & glasses
 ,, Hartrick ,, —Set saucepans
 ,, Lambert, ,, —Serviettes
Mr W. Hartrick (brother of bride)—Tea set
Mrs A. Hartrick (mother of bride)—A cow
Misses P., Clarice, & Florrie Hartrick (sisters of bride)—Quilt, jug, teapot
Master A. Hartrick—Shaving mug
Miss L. & Mr A. Spears (cousins of bride)—Silver butter cooler
Mrs Speers (aunt of bride)—Large teapot
Mr C. Speers (cousin of bride)—Cheese dish
Miss M. Speers, ,, —Tea cosey
Masters H. & V. Spears (cousins of bride)—pair vases
Mr Searle—Handsome lamp
Mr & Mrs Williams—Jardiniere
Miss Morrison—Pair copper candlesticks
Mr C. Holden—Set of carvers
Mrs J. Flinn—Pair copper candlesticks
 ,, P. Mullens—Fruit stand and bowl
 ,, Kurse—Set of jugs
 ,, F. Squires—Afternoon tea set
 ,, Whelan—Jug and glasses
 ,, J. Grant—Pair china doves
Mr S. Sandford—Bag of salt
 ,, J. Hutchinson—Half-dozen knives
 ,, W. Hutchinson—Clock
 ,, Perry—Jardiniere and vase
Mrs Johns—Jug and glasses
Miss [?]. Sloan—Handmade cushion
Miss H. Sloan—D'oyleys
Mrs J. Blair—Silver jam dish
 ,, C. Blair—Fruit stand
 ,, Schlichting—Silver-mounted salt cellars
 ,, Wyatt—Pair urns
Miss Wyatt—Teapot
Bennie Brothers—Handsome tea set
Mrs Bennie—Fruit stand
Mr & rs Till & Mr Gould—Dinner set
Mrs Boucher—Fruit bowl
Miss D. Hawkes—Sugar basin
 ,, Kirkwood—Rose bowl
 ,, Amstee—Half-dozen glasses

In 1904, Henry was engaged to Lila Lilian Oliver, but I have found no evidence that the two actually married.
The Examiner (Launceston, Tasmania) 17 February 1904 p1
  The engagement is announced of Henry Nuson, youngest son of G. W. Oliver, "Fair View," St. Mary's, to Lila Lilian, eldest daughter of S. F. Oliver, "Roland Park," Beulah.

Henry is found on the electoral rolls in the following divisions:
1914: Richmond North, Victoria (p106 #6328)
1919: Collingwood, Victoria (p51 #2985)
1924: Collingwood, Victoria (p51 #2991)

Death: 28 November 1962, in Richmond, Victoria, Australia, aged 80

Buried: 30 November 1962 in Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia


Rose May Oliver

Birth: 1908, in Anderson's Creek (a.k.a. Warrandyte), Victoria, Australia

Father: Henry Nuson Oliver

Mother: Elsie Maud (Hartrick) Oliver

Rose is found on the electoral rolls in the following divisions:
1931: Clifton Hill, Victoria (p28 #7704)
1936: Clifton Hill, Victoria (p64 #5145)

Death: 1996, aged 88


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