The Prewer Family

John Lionel Prewer

Birth: 1875, in Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Father: William Prewer

Mother: Margaret (Russell) Prewer

Married: Marianna Selena Sanders in 1900 in Woolwich district, London, England

Children: Occupation: Civil Servant
On 4 February 1890 John was registered as a temporary boy copyist with the Civil Service (London Gazette 4 February 1890 p608) and in the Open Competitive Examination for Boy Clerkships in the Civil Service held on 2-3 July 1890, John placed 37th of 119 candidates (London Gazette 12 August 1890 p4381) and he was appointed a boy clerk in the Customs department in September 1890 (London Gazette 3 October 1890 p5278), then to the Science and Art Department in August 1891 (London Gazette 1 September 1891 p4670). John was appointed Assistant Clerk (Abstractor Class) in the Board of Education on 2 January 1901 (London Gazette 4 January 1901 p98) and appointed Second Division Clerk in the Board of Education on 1 November 1910 (London Gazette 1 November 1910 p7822)

Notes: On 28 June 1907, John Lionel Prewer appeared in the Old Bailey before Judge Lumley Smith, charged with "attempting to carnally know Florence Goodall, a girl above the age of 13 years and under the age of 16", and was found not guilty.

Death: 1917, in Greenwich district, London, England, aged 41

1881: 28 Henry Street, Woolwich, Kent
1891: Plumstead, London: John L. Prewer, son, is aged 16, born in Eastbourne, Sussex
1901: Plumstead, London: John L. Prewer, head, is aged 26, born in Eastbourne, Sussex. His occupation is listed as Civil Servant.
1911: Plumstead, London: John Lionel Prewer, is aged 36, born in Eastbourne, Sussex


John Charles Russell Prewer

Birth: 1907, in Plumstead, London, England

Father: John Lionel Prewer

Mother: Marianna Selena (Sanders) Prewer

Notes: John served in World War II. He was commissioned as second lieutenant in the Pioneer Corps on 23 April 1943 (London Gazette 28 May 1943 p2523). On 6 December 1950, then a lieutenant, John was granted the honorary rank of captain (London Gazette 5 December 1950 p6064). He relinquished his commission on 14 February 1962 (London Gazette 9 February 1962 p1205).

1911: Plumstead, London: John Charles Russell Prewer, is aged 4, born in Plumstead, London


Margaret Charlotte Russell Prewer

Birth: 1902, in Plumstead, London, England

Father: John Lionel Prewer

Mother: Marianna Selena (Sanders) Prewer

1911: Plumstead, London: Margaret Charlotte Russell Prewer, is aged 8, born in Plumstead, London


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