The Waller Family

William Jocelyn de Warrenne Waller

Birth: 25 August 1877, in Luska, Cameron, Kilbarron, county Tipperary, Ireland
William Jocelyn was born on August twenty fifth 1877 in Luska Cameron, the son of George Arthur Waller, a gentleman, of Cameron, and Sarah Waller formerly Atkinson.

Father: George Arthur Waller

Mother: Sarah Harriett (Atkinson) Waller

Married: Elizabeth Frances Devenish on 12 January 1911, in St Peters, Dublin, Ireland
William Jocelyn Waller is recorded as a bachelor, of full age, the son of George Arthur Waller, gentleman. William is a gentleman farmer, resident at Prior Park, Nenagh. Elizabeth Frances Devenish is recorded as a spinster, of full age, the daughter of Robert Devenish, gentleman. She is resident at Molyneux Asylum and 4 Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin. The marriage was witnessed by G. Arthur Waller, Robt Devenish and S. H. Waller.

William's father, George Arthur Waller, after graduating at Trinity College, Dublin, joined his cousins’ firm of Arthur Guinness Ltd. and quickly rose to be both Chief Engineer and Chief Brewer. In middle age, Arthur decided that his religious principles would no longer permit him to take any further part in the production of alcoholic drink. He resigned from Guinness and emigrated to Tasmania. Setting out in 1882 on the long voyage across the world with his heavily pregnant wife (Sarah Atkinson from Cangort, Shinrone) and six living sons (they had 10 sons in all), the family baggage included a cow to provide milk for the children. Setting up as a farmer near Hobart he became both prominent and prosperous in Tasmania before returning to Ireland in old age and repurchasing Luska. William Jocelyn was  Arthur's sixth son. He was educated in Tasmania but came home to Prior Park when he was nineteen, his grandfather being old and blind and his Aunt Selina calling for help. Except for a year in Canada he was to farm at Prior Park almost seven decades, handing over finally to his eldest daughter Sarah Francis (Sally).
William Jocelyn was also a Justice of the Peace.

Children: Death: 1967

Prior Park
Prior Park, Cloghprior, county Tipperary
photograph from Buildings of Ireland
Census & Addresses:
1911: Priorpark, Cloghprior, county Tipperary
1927: Prior Park, Nenagh, county Tipperary   (Ireland civil records Deaths 1927 Jamestown #356)

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