The Arnold Family

Harry Holden Arnold

Birth: 1863, in Southborough, Kent, England

Mother: Sarah Ann (_____) Arnold

Married: Olive Noel Pearson in 1894, in Chelmsford district, Essex, England

Notes: Harry obtained four patents. His areas of invention seem to have been rather esoteric.
1916: Improvements in and relating to dentures (with George Edmund Arnold and John Cressy Arnold)
1921: Improvements in or relating to means for protecting footwear from dirt and water
1930: Improvements relating to first-aid outfits or the like (with Edward James Deck)
1930: Improvements in nozzles for vacuum cleaners (with Charles Maddock)
1881: 12 Croft, Hastings St Clement, Sussex


Joan Creasy Arnold

Birth: 1898, in Hastings district, Sussex, England

Father: Harry Holden Arnold

Mother: Olive Noel (Pearson) Arnold


Philippa Maxwell L. (Arnold) Shaw

Birth: 1895, in Hastings, Sussex, England

Father: Harry Holden Arnold

Mother: Olive Noel (Pearson) Arnold

Married: Gordon D. A. Shaw in 1914 in St Marylebone district, London, England

Notes: Philippa sailed from Liverpool to New York aboard the Carmania, departing on 22 September 1919 and arriving on 2 October 1919. The manifest lists this as a permanent visit. She is recorded as married although she was not accompanied by her husband or any children. She is recorded as aged 23 years and 9 months, residing in Winchester, England and destined to stay with a friend, Mrs. M.E. Jones of 32 Paul St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She lists Mrs. H.H. Arnold of 104 Queens Rd, Brighton as her closest relative in England. Other details we learn from the mainifest are that she was 5'3" tall, with auburn hair and brown eyes, with a scar on her left temple. Her birthplace is listed as Hastings, England. Philippa is described as being a citizen of England but of the Irish race.

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