The Kent Family

Arthur William Kent

Arthur William Kent
Arthur William Kent
- circa 1945
originally posted by Helen Kent
Birth: 2 May 1888, in Gillingham, Kent, England

Father: William George Kent

 Amy Mourilyan (Snoswell) Kent

Rose Alice Anne Galloway on 27 December 1915, in Our Lady of Gillingham Church, Gillingham, Kent, England. The couple first met in sweet shop in Gillingham, where Alice worked.

Occupation: Postman

Death: 2 February 1959, in Gillingham, Kent, England

Notes: Arthur served in World War I as a rifleman in 3/8 City of London Regiment. He was a prisoner of war and suffered from mustard gas poisoning.


William George Kent

William George Kent
William George Kent
- circa 1900
originally posted by Helen Kent
Birth: 17 December 1863, at High Street, Gillingham, Kent, England

Father: Henry Benjamin Kent

Sarah (Groves) Kent

Amy Mourilyan Snoswell on 19 October 1884, in Brompton, Kent, England

Occupation: Dockyard worker.
1877 - Hired Boy (in Dockyard)
1881 - Labourer (in Dockyard)
1882 - Hired Ord. Labourer (in Dockyard)
1891 - Skilled Labourer Ship
1896 - Skilled Labourer in Dockyard
1901 - Skilled Labourer Machinist (in Dockyard)
1905 - Established Machinist (in Dockyard)

Death: 1925

31 October 1925, in Grange Road Cemetery, Gillingham, Kent, England

Census & Addresses:

1863: High Street, Gillingham, Kent (birth)
1881: Gillingham Lane, Gillingham, Kent (listed in IGI transcriptions of the census as Phillip George Kent)

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