The Manley Family

Frances (Manley) Hulke

Birth: 1724/5

Baptism: 2 May 1725, in Deal, Kent, England

Father: Thomas Manley

Mother: Martha (Simmons) Manley

Married: Benjamin Hulke

Children: Death: 1 November 1811, in Deal, Kent, England, aged 86
The Gentleman's Magazine February 1812 p189
Nov. 1. At Deal, Kent, in her 87th year, Mrs. Frances Hulke, widow of the late Lieut. Benj. H. of the Royal Navy; and only daughter and heiress of the late Capt. T. Manley, of the Chesterfield East Indiaman, who died at Madras in 1738.
Burial: 11 November 1811, in Deal, Kent, England


Thomas Manley

Married: Martha Simmons on 18 March 1723, in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England

Children: Occupation: Naval officer for the East India Company

Thomas was Chief Mate on the Enfield (450 tons, 90 crew, 30 guns) under Captain Charles Rigby, sailing for Madras and Bengal in 1725/6. The Enfield left the Downs, off Kent, on 5 February 1725, reaching Fort St David, India, on 14 June, then Madras on 26 June, Rogues River (a section of the Hooghly river in Bengal) on 20 July, Madras again on 18 December, St Helena on 22 April 1826 and back to Woolwich on 25 July 1826. Thomas's journal from this voyage, along with the official ship's ledger and paybook are held in the India Records Office (IOR/L/MAR/B/670B). Thomas sailed again in the Enfield in 1728-30, bound for China under Captain Charles Rigby. The voyage left the Downs on 13 December 1728, reaching Batavia on 6 May 1729 and Whampoa on 3 July, Mew Island (in the Sunda Strait) on 11 January 1730, The Cape on 27 March, St Helena on 14 April and Erith, Kent on 4 July 1730. Again Thomas kept a journal, now in the India Records Office (IOR/L/MAR/B/670C). Thomas was then promoted to captain, and captained the Enfield on a voyage to Benkulen, a pepper station in the East Indies in 1731/2. On this voyage, the Enfield left the Downs on 1 December 1731, arriving in St Helena on 15 March 1732, Batavia on 25 June and Benkulen on 13 July. From there the Enfield went to Moco-Moco, arriving on 23 August, then up the Kinta river to Ipoh on 19 September before returning to Benkulen on 3 October and Batavia on 11 November. The 7 month return journey was punctuated by a stop in St Helena on 3 March 1733, and the Enfield arrived in Erith on 14 June 1733. The Political State for July 1733 p5 noted that "Last Month arrived from Bencolen the Enfield, Captain Thomas Manley, laden with about 380 Tons of Pepper besides other Goods on Account of the East India Company". Thomas, as captain, no longer wrote a personal journal, but the ship's journal from this voyage is at the India Records Office (IOR/L/MAR/B/670D).

Thomas was next given command of the Halifax, rated at 490 tons, with 98 crew and 30 guns. This voyage to Bengal left the Downs on 6 February 1736, reaching Madras on 1 July. The Halifax proceeded to Rogues River by 23 July and reached Calcutta by 9 October, then Tellicherry on 9 February 1737, Goa on 4 March, Surat on 30 March and Bombay on 27 April. From there, the Halifax went to Fulta, arriving on 29 May, Calcutta again on 13 June 1837 and then to Ingeli, on the Hooghly river, arriving 19 February 1738. Other records state that Thomas died in Madras in 1738, and this would presumably be at about this point on the journey. Thomas was succeeded as captain on this voyage by John Aston and John Blake (List of factory records of the late East India Company (1897) p25). The Halifax arrived in Mauritius on 25 June, St Helena on 18 December and was back in the Downs on 6 April 1839.

Death: 1738, in Madras, India

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